What’s Next?

This is still very much in the preliminary stages.

It’s proved more difficult than expected to find the right type of paper for this unique airplane. The paper needs to be the perfect mix of three things, it seems. It needs to be thick enough to hold a very strong arc without buckling, yet thin enough to crease (rather than crumple), and it needs to be as slick as possible to reduce friction. I’ve nearly found the best paper for the job, and by the end of this process, I will challenge anyone to find a better paper for the Vortex Star.

Meanwhile, as I source various papers, I plan on a Kickstarter and/or IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to produce foam or plastic toys of a similar shape. The main payoffs for funding my campaign during Phase One would be tear-away booklets of (eventually) inventor-approved Vortex Star paper, featuring detailed instructions, and with options for color/pattern or a custom printing, with the fold-lines numbered.

All of this is still in the works.

Stay tuned!

Send me an email at Tyler@vortex-star.com