New Branding!

We have been busy creating new artwork for the Vortex-Star! The new prints include numbered lines for folding, a QR code, and several warnings (that are covered-up after folding).

The outside of the Vortex-Star now sports a spiral pattern. Let me know if you like it!

Meanwhile, the hunt is nearly complete for the perfect Vortex-Star paper! Just a few more steps and we will have the first test prints on the 100% official Vortex-Star paper! Believe me folks, the difference between Vortex-Stars made from ordinary paper versus this Inventor-approved paper is the difference between it flying 5 meters or 35 meters! The paper must be heavy and stiff, yet hold a steady arc (rules-out most regular notebook or printer papers). The paper must crease along a straight line, not crumple (rules-out most card-stocks and construction papers). It must also be slick to reduce friction.

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