Vortex-Star Makeover and Re-Release at Wings Museum

Whoa! Has this been a busy few months!

Vortex-Star got a makeover! New logo and everything!

Also, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the new folded PLASTIC Vortex-Star!

It’s a challenge to fold these things! And there is one in every pack of Vortex-Star paper airplane booklets, available at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver!

My online store will be back up and running soon, but in the mean-time you can always place an order by emailing me at tyler@vortex-star.com.

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Vortex-Star Tutorial is Online!

I’m pleased to present the new Vortex-Star Tutorial! This slideshow will walk you through the steps to create your very own Vortex-Star!

The type paper you chose is very important if you want your Vortex-Star to go far. You’ll need to consider these things:
1) The paper must be dense and heavy like cardstock
2) The paper must fold and crease cleanly, without buckling or crumpling like cardstock
3) The paper must hold a stiff arc without buckling or crumpling
4) The paper should be smooth or glossy to reduce friction

If you prefer, you could check out the Vortex-Star Shop for your own pad of inventor-approved paper, complete with fold lines and numbering!

The flight difference between regular printer paper and a really good Vortex-Star paper can be 30 meters or more! Do not settle for plain printer paper!

CLICK HERE to visit the Vortex-Star TUTORIAL!

CLICK HERE to visit the Vortex-Star SHOP!

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New Branding!

We have been busy creating new artwork for the Vortex-Star! The new prints include numbered lines for folding, a QR code, and several warnings (that are covered-up after folding).

The outside of the Vortex-Star now sports a spiral pattern. Let me know if you like it!

Meanwhile, the hunt is nearly complete for the perfect Vortex-Star paper! Just a few more steps and we will have the first test prints on the 100% official Vortex-Star paper! Believe me folks, the difference between Vortex-Stars made from ordinary paper versus this Inventor-approved paper is the difference between it flying 5 meters or 35 meters! The paper must be heavy and stiff, yet hold a steady arc (rules-out most regular notebook or printer papers). The paper must crease along a straight line, not crumple (rules-out most card-stocks and construction papers). It must also be slick to reduce friction.

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Test Print Pages Have Arrived!


It’s been a busy week! The website got a make-over, and the search for the perfect Vortex-Star paper is down to two choice specimens. One is perfect, but proprietary and pricey. The other I found after exhausting nearly ALL of Denver’s printing supply stores (and demonstrated many times).

The prototypes for the first print just arrived!
Vortex-Star Test Print Booklets

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