Vortex-Star Tutorial is Online!

I’m pleased to present the new Vortex-Star Tutorial! This slideshow will walk you through the steps to create your very own Vortex-Star!

The type paper you chose is very important if you want your Vortex-Star to go far. You’ll need to consider these things:
1) The paper must be dense and heavy like cardstock
2) The paper must fold and crease cleanly, without buckling or crumpling like cardstock
3) The paper must hold a stiff arc without buckling or crumpling
4) The paper should be smooth or glossy to reduce friction

If you prefer, you could check out the Vortex-Star Shop for your own pad of inventor-approved paper, complete with fold lines and numbering!

The flight difference between regular printer paper and a really good Vortex-Star paper can be 30 meters or more! Do not settle for plain printer paper!

CLICK HERE to visit the Vortex-Star TUTORIAL!

CLICK HERE to visit the Vortex-Star SHOP!

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